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Hi Gail,
My name is Annie and I had the pleasure of seeing you at King Richard's Faire on September 2nd for a tarot card reading. I had asked about finding my equal in life and the deck showed me the Queen of Pentagrams and King of Rods, forecasting a hopeful future to find someone who you described as an ambitious and successful leader in business, well-educated, committed and driven. You also told me that, as my equal, he would be someone who understood the demands on my time and respected them as important. The Death card told me I needed to change my approach to how I was seeking him. 

Well, beyond my wildest beliefs, I ventured beyond my comfort zone into a dating pool that I have never tried out before. I matched up with Andrew, a private equity investor with an MBA from Yale. We started chatting, and I was amazed. It felt like I had known him for my entire life. He is open and expressive, dynamic, funny, witty. After a week of talking, we decided to meet. I had let him know that I was sober in a recovery program for two years early in our conversations. When we met, he told me that he has been sober in the same program for four years. We talked about our time commitments to helping new people get sober. We talked about our families, our past relationships, our successes in life, fears and insecurities. I could not have built a better man to spend time with. 

I couldn't help but think of my tarot reading and what the cards showed me. Thank you thank you thank you! 




I went to the fair yesterday with my friends and sat with you for a few minutes, and I just wanted to write and say thank you again. I asked about a past love and you told me to let it go, and I really appreciate your honesty. It’s such an interesting thing that you do, and I can see how it might be difficult sometimes to tell people what they might not want to hear, especially if they are placing their hopes on you. Just wanted to say I got everything I hoped for and more out of our visit, and that won’t change regardless of what happens to me in the future (not that it wasn’t convincing, I mean wow, really spot on). Anyway, you really helped me out, so thanks.

Best of luck with the red squirrels too.


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